Deep Cycle AGM Battery

Deep Cycle AGM Battery

Synertac Deep Cycle AGM battery is mainly for solar and other energy storage systems.

With reasonable prices and stable performance, it is still the most popular choice for a lot of customers.

With patented plate formula and advanced AGM technology, Synertac offers much more cycle life and reduced significantly the possibility of battery defects.

Features and benefits

Additional information

Battery Voltage


Capacity Range


Cycle Life

Over 1000 cycles @50% DOD


Solar, Wind, and other renewable systems,
Power Storage Systems,
Tele-communication systems,
Backup power for UPS.



Technical Details & Additional Information

Deep Cycle AGM Battery is a deep cycle type of VRLA battery with AGM technology.

It is maintenance-free, it is safe, and has very low internal resistance making them particularly suitable for high current discharge applications such as for inverters and other devices.


What’s special about Synertac Deep Cycle AGM Battery?


More Assurance

Synertac patented AGM separators are added with a few stable thermoplastic fibers to greatly improve tensile and puncture strength.

300% increased the puncture resistance, to prevent the possible short-circuit between the plates.

It significantly reduced the possibility of battery defects.

More Capacity

With advanced positive and negative plate formula, Synertac Deep Cycle AGM battery provides 10% more capacity.`

More Current

Besides, 94% porosity for maximum acid storage, leading to much better continuous charge and discharge ability.

The charge time will be shorter, and higher current for high-power appliances.


VRLA technology, save you from acid leakage and maintenance.


Built tough with a leak-proof design, and flame retardant ABS, Synertac Deep Cycle AGM batteries make sure a safe working condition of an electricity-related product.



With SYNERTAC deep cycle AGM battery, under 0.02% of the defect rate means there is nearly no battery defect.

It is even much lower for those big batteries over 100Ah.

It will save a lot of time and labor costs for replacement, or shipment.

With reasonable prices and stable performance, Synertac Deep Cycle AGM Battery is still the most popular choice.


Battery Models within Deep Cycle AGM Battery:

Model No. Item No. Size (mm) Weight (KG)
12V24Ah 6-DC-24 175*166*125 7.30
12V33Ah 6-DC-33 196*131*170 11.00
12V35Ah 6-DC-35 196*131*170 11.50
12V38Ah 6-DC-38 196*165*170 12.80
12V40Ah 6-DC-40 196*165*170 13.50
12V55Ah 6-DC-55 230*137*215 17.50
12V65Ah 6-DC-65 350*166*175 20.80
12V70Ah 6-DC-70 260*168*217 21.80
12V75Ah 6-DC-75 260*168*217 22.00
12V100Ah 6-DC-100 330*172*230 29.00
12V120Ah 6-DC-120 407*175*233 35.00
12V150Ah 6-DC-150 480*170*240 43.00
12V180Ah 6-DC-180 522*238*250 55.00
12V200Ah 6-DC-200 522*238*250 60.00
12V230Ah 6-DC-230 521*269*206 63.50
12V250Ah 6-DC-250 522*255*250 70.00

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