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More Energy, Up to 8% Higher Capacity

More Cycles, Over 6,000 Times

More models, 51.2V50Ah/100Ah/150Ah/200Ah, 48V50Ah/100Ah/150Ah/200Ah

Solar battery, as the name indicates, is a type of battery that is used in the solar system or other renewable energy systems.
The primary function is to store the extra power generated from the solar panels during the day and use it at night or on rainy days, so it is very important to have an excellent ability of deep cycle.
SYNERTAC offers different types of solar batteries including LiFePO4 battery, AGM battery, gel battery, and flooded battery.

For different systems, you will need different kinds of batteries.

Residential Solar Battery

24/48V Solar Battery System

When it comes to a regular solar system for homes and families, 24V and 48V are popular. 5kWh is 48V/51.2V100Ah, 10kWh is 48V/51.2V200Ah. Below models can be chosen for your different demands.

HV Solar Battery System

Some of the high-capacity inverters will require high battery system voltage. Because of the BMS limit, LV LiFePO4 battery is not supported to be connected in series, that is why we offer HV series here. And a more classic way, lead acid batteries are supported to be connected in series to achieve high voltage.

Commercial Solar Battery

Commercial solar system requires higher output power meanwhile higher battery system capacity. 48V/51.2V battery is also available to achieve such as 160kWh, and even higher. It will also need to get a high-voltage battery system depending on your system specifications.

Industrial Solar Battery

For extremely high capacity energy storage systems (ESS), like MWhs, the capacity, and the safety, are the same important.