12V LFP Battery

12V LFP Battery

12V LFP batteries are designed for small home solar systems and other energy storage systems, such as 12V, 24V, or 48V battery bank for caravan, cabin, or marine use.

Besides, they are also a direct replacement for lead-acid batteries. With the same size and same type of terminal, you can easily upgrade the old lead battery system into lithium.

Synertac 12V LFP batteries are Safe and environmentally friendly.

Features and benefits

Additional information

Battery Voltage


Capacity Range


Cycle Life

Over 4000 cycles @80% DOD


Solar, Wind, and other renewable systems,
Power Storage Systems,
Tele-communication systems,
Backup power for UPS.


UN 38.3, MSDS

Technical Details & Additional Information

12V LFP Battery is a type of LiFePO4 battery using Lithium Iron Phosphate technology, considered to be the safest li-ion battery.

LiFePO4 is more chemically stable, and it is incombustible, which means that it is not prone to thermal runaway, remains cool at room temperature. It can also withstand high temperatures without decomposing, and it is not flammable.

Synertac 12V LFP Battery is designed as a replacement for lead-acid batteries. Same battery size, same terminals, similar voltage, there is no need to replace any other device even the cables, the lead-acid battery system can be easily upgraded into lithium batteries.


Features and Benefits:

LONGER cycle life

The premium prismatic LFP cells offer a super long cycle life of over 4000 cycles and exceptional discharge performance. It means it can be working for over 10 years even if one cycle a day.

LIGHTER weight

Synertac LFP batteries are lower than half the weight of common lead-acid batteries, so you can carry them easily for installation.

HIGHER power

Synertac LFP batteries deliver twice the power of common lead-acid batteries, especially at a high discharge rate.

Always the discharge current for lead-acid battery or AGM battery is 0.1C(10A if 12V100Ah battery), but it can be 0.5C(50A if 12V100Ah) for Synertac LFP batteries.


With the latest LFP technology, Synertac LFP batteries eliminate the risk of leakage or explosion from multiple causes.
Meantime, the integrated smart battery management system (BMS) protects the LiFePO4 battery from various abnormal conditions.

WIDER temperature range

-20°C-60°C. Excellent working performance while a cold and hot environment.
Winter or summer, there is no need to worry about battery damage.



With SYNERTAC 12V LFP Battery, there is nearly no maintenance required.

5-10 years without replacement, which greatly reduces time and labor consumption.

Higher continuous working current for high power appliances, with the appropriate configuration, fewer batteries are required to meet customers’ demands.

Safe and environmentally friendly. There is no need to worry about battery damage or fire or environmental pollution.


Battery Models within 12V LFP Battery:

Model No. Item No. Size(mm) Weight (kg)
12V75Ah LFP1275 260*170*220 11.00
12V100Ah LFP12100 330*175*235 15.00
12V150Ah LFP12150 532*205*220 19.00
12V200Ah LFP12200 520*270*220 25.00
12V300Ah LFP12300 520*270*220 39.00

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